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About Maya Jewels

Since its founding in 2004, Maya Jewels has made a mark on the jewelry community in New York and around the globe. Designer Chhaya Kapadia built the brand on three key principles: intricate and clever designs, the use of forgotten art forms, and uncompromising craftsmanship.

She first became known for her creative use of filigree work in 2006 when she won the Best of Design Award at the Couture Show in Las Vegas. Since then, her creativity and mastery of design has earned her respect and recognition in top fashion lifestyle and trade publications. Chhaya has gained industry-wide esteem for her ability to identify and make use of innovative materials to create her distinct look combining old world elegance with modern style.

About Chhaya Kapadia

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Chhaya spent her childhood surrounded by bright colors, elaborate art and women wearing bangles up to their elbows. Inspiration to become an artist was around every corner, but upon completing a degree in science, she married and moved to New York City. Hard-working and ambitious, Chhaya thrived in the finance technology world, moving up quickly to high-ranking positions at Citibank, NASDAQ and Kaiser Permanente. Then, when many people in her field began to plan for retirement, Chhaya began planning her new career as a jewelry designer. All her childhood dreams, combined with the inspiration of living in New York City, bottled up for decades came flowing out into what we know today as Maya Jewels.

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